Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of writing books just like the ones she loved to read – Nancy Drew, The Black Stallion, Lad, a Dog (that love for animals that made her become a vet), Mary Stewart, Helen MacInnes,  Georgette Heyer  (the little girl was getting older).  She made up stories and changed the endings of books and movies to make them come out the way she pictured them.  But instead of pursuing her writing dream, her love of animals and need for a ‘real’ job led her to a career as a veterinarian.

When she realized she was now making up stories about her clients and their pets, she decided to try writing them down.  Her first book, Personal Best, was published in 1991.  Thirty award-winning books for Silhouette and Harlequin followed.

Today, that little girl considers herself the luckiest woman in the world.  She has two careers she loves as well as the best family ever.  She and her husband have three daughters and live in a Chicago suburb with a menagerie of pets.

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My new series, THE DONOVAN FAMILY, is now available.  These sexy romantic suspense novels tell the stories of a family of Chicago cops and one brother who’s an FBI agent.


The seventh book in the Donovan Family series will be available on February 19!  It’s a novel that features two secondary characters from Cover Me.  Livvy Marini and Ryan Ward have a lot of reasons to dislike each other, including the fact that Livvy’s sister Cilla once arrested the detective.  But when Livvy’s boss assigns the lawyer to work with Ryan, they have to learn to cooperate if they want to keep Ryan’s former partner in prison.

Anson Bates is desperate to get out of jail.  Livvy and Ryan unearth information that will destroy his chances for bail, but the more they uncover, the more risky their job becomes.  Working to keep a dangerous criminal off the streets, Livvy and Ryan go from adversaries to friends.  Then lovers.  But when Livvy’s life is threatened, can Ryan reach her in time to save her?

And once she’s safe, can he save himself?

Click here for a peek at the first chapter.  SAVE ME will be available in early February 2016.

Addie_PuppyAddie had puppies in August.  This is her daughter, Ellie.  Love times two.


Susan Elizabeth PhillipsHere I am with one of my author friends, Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  We’re signing books at a writing conference.

This is Addy, an Australian Shepherd, posing for a photo on the San Juan Islands.  She’s the prototype for Franny the Wonder Dog, who plays a starring role in Find Me.  Franny makes a repeat appearance in Cover Me.


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