My life, in photos.  Way too many, I know, but my husband did this page.

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Before writing full time, I was a veterinarian.

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I’ve always loved animals.

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Reading a classic to my daughter.

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The first book I ever sold. Sending it off to Kate Duffy at Meteor.  Personal Best is still available.

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Look at my hair!

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Sailing away with my life partner.

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I was blessed with twins.

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My hair doesn’t have this much spring anymore.

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I’m Barbara Cartland for Halloween.

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My first trip to Paris.  Before the facade was cleaned.

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My second visit. After the cleaning.

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I love the national parks. Especially Bryce.  Nature’s cathedral.

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Research for one of my books.


Ronald has been very good to my family.

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I love to travel. Sienna is one of my favorite cities.


Before I met my husband, I was going to run off to be a ski bum.


I love shelling.


I can be bad-ass.


Reading the Tribune, with my cat.

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Relaxing with one of my favorite writers — Nora Roberts.

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In my writer’s cave — entry prohibited.

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Cloud Gate “The Bean” in Chicago.

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More research. I had a charter captain in one of my books (Small-Town Family).

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Olympic National Park. Whale vertebra.

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Acadia National Park. Great place to bicycle.

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Amsterdam with my daughter.

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I’m captain of my boat. Canal du Midi.

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Cinque Terre.  Great place to walk.

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Sappy perhaps, but I love flowers.

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Worthington Glacier, Alaska.

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Door County. Setting for one of my series.

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Christmas cheer.

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Some of my Quigley friends.

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Fake Portofino (in Florida). Lots of fun.

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Morton Arboretum. We love this place.

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Ireland. My ancestry.

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Ireland. Isn’t it beautiful?

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Winter. Chicago style.

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San Antonio, Texas.  Away from the Chicago winter.

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My husband retires.  As long as he stays out of my writing cave, I’m good with that.

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Rodin’s “The Kiss”.  Inspiration for books.


Photos_ (54)

My daughter is captain of the boat now.

Photos_ (55)

The best French camp in the world.

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Olympic National Park. A temperate rain forest. Can’t get enough of those national parks.

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A giant spruce in Olympic.

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Crater Lake. Magnificent.

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The giant redwoods!

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Crater Lake.

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Napa. Looks like we need a refill.

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Shelling  on Sanibel with my daughter.

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The National Parks. I’m collecting them!  Still have a few more to visit.

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The Morton Arboretum. We spend a lot of time here.

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Olympic National Park

Photos_ (67)

Chicago Botanic Gardens. Wish it were closer.

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Requa Inn. My favorite place to stay in California.

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The American Club, our  Wisconsin getaway.  Great place, but pricey.

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Winter. Chicago-style.

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Birding in Saguaro National Park.

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Lake Louise. Canada.

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Beehive Tea House Trail, Lake Louise Canada

Photos_ (78)

Canadian Rockies

Photos_ (79)

Pepo, the dog at our Italian B&B.

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Venice. For my daughter’s wedding.  She didn’t marry Clooney,  but her husband’s just as debonair.

Margaret of Arabia – White Sands National Monument, New Mexico







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