Two on the Run




Eleanor Perkins has always longed for more excitement in her life. But the last thing she expects as she reaches her car after work one Friday evening is to find herself facing down a man with a gun. Michael Reilly is desperate, injured and on the run in an attempt to clear his name. And he needs more than Ellie’s car – he needs her help.

Ellie’s life is now anything but boring as she gets caught up in events beyond her control. Not exactly what she’d wished for…and definitely not the way she’d imagined meeting the man of her dreams.


“I was intrigued then hooked by Margaret Watson’s TWO ON THE RUN and nothing else existed until I had finished the book. The plot, the characters, the setting all pulled me into the story and I felt I was also on the run. Please do not miss reading TWO ON THE RUN by Margaret Watson.”

–Donna, CataRomance Reviews