Cowboy with a Badge



The alluring, mysterious woman who had arrived in Sheriff Devlin McAllister’s town spelled trouble. Devlin distrusted pretty females who stuck their noses where they didn’t belong. But he was mesmerized by the long-legged beauty and couldn’t resist keeping her under close watch.

Carly Fitzpatrick had come to Cameron to find answers about her brother’s death. And she didn’t dare fall for charming, sexy Devlin, the son of the man she suspected was responsible. But when Carly found herself in danger, she had little choice but to trust in the loving arms of the sheriff.


4 1/2 stars! “It’s time for Margaret Watson’s COWBOY WITH A BADGE to meet his match in the form of a beautiful journalist who comes to his small Utah community ostensibly to write a tourism article. Will their sensitively developed relationship survive the revelation of the true purpose of her visit? Ms. Watson’s exceptional characterization and superior romance make this tale topnotch reading.”

–Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times