For my new website, I signed up as an Amazon Associate.  I was very pleased to get my first sale via my website a few days ago.  And completely shocked when I realized the money I got from my associates commission was more than the royalty I got from my publisher.

Rosebud Menu

I certainly don’t have a stick up my butt about grammar or spelling – I make plenty of mistakes myself.  But this was too funny to ignore.  I had a working lunch to study Italian with two friends today, and found this in the restaurant.  Check out the first item on the menu.



My husband is THE BEST. I got a new computer yesterday – my old one is dying a slow, painful death and needed to be put out of her misery. I love the new one, except for one thing. It didn’t have the old Microsoft version of Solitaire. The version on the new computer was just wrong.

Solitaire is the mindless thing I do to get ready to write. Also the mindless thing I do when I’m stuck on a plot twist or a character. So it’s crucial to my writing process.

My wonderful husband went into my old computer, found the file, and somehow managed to get it on the new computer. It took him a long time. But I’m now a very happy writer.


All seven of our remaining fish survived the winter! Now we have to figure out how to protect them from the heron who got their three buddies last fall.


Off to get my hair cut today. Second to the last time with my long-time hairdresser and now friend, Joan. She’s retiring, and I’ll have to find someone else to do my hair after more than 33 years.